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About Rootz & Branchez

Thank you for visiting! Rootz & Branchez opened to help people grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically as well as helping people to connect with others and their surrounding environment. Our mission is to bring more awareness to the power of self-healing.

Our store offers a wide variety of goods believed to be beneficial for spiritual growth & interconnection.  I like to say “all things meditative!”  Some of our items include crystals, gemstones, jewelry, incense, essential oils, candles, tarot and oracle decks, books, charts, and home décor.  Some services we provide are Wellness Workshops for businesses and faculties, Reiki, and Tarot Readings.

We have many extremely giftable items to choose from as well as greeting cards for a variety of occasions. Every purchase comes in a gift bag, so if you need a gift for someone, Rootz & Branchez is the ultimate one-stop shop!  We are able to help with suggestions for gift ideas and helping men find gifts for their spouses!  

I seek to live every day in a mode of self discovery which helps me to improve and grow. My desire is to always be becoming a better person. The holistic and alternative methods offered at Rootz & Branchez have been a huge part of my own journey and sharing those with others is why we are here. I am motivated daily by my family, my thirst for knowledge, and my personal desire to be a better person today than I was yesterday. 

Our logo conceptualizes what it is we want to accomplish–we want our roots to grow so deep that we can’t help but flourish. If that is what you want for yourself, we hope we can come alongside you in your journey and provide the resources that will benefit your personal growth.