Soul Star Chakra Gems

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Similar to the earth star chakra, the soul star chakra is outside of your physical body and located in your etheric body approximately six inches above your head. It resides within your auric field and is connected to your other chakras.

It gets its nickname because it’s your direct connection to your higher self, the Akashic Records, your karmic past, and your past lives. Think of this chakra as a storage bank for your soul. The soul star chakra carries all of the information for your soul’s past and present purpose for being here.

Earth Chakra

Aura Quartz

Aura quartz radiates healing and positivity, making it a highly beneficial stone to be around from a physical, mental, and spiritual perspective. It is able to soothe emotional or spiritual distress, and can support you by lifting your vibration and sending you peace of mind. It can also help you to think more clearly and can unlock the potential for love to guide your decisions.

Chakra: Soul Star Zodiac: Aquarius

Thoat Chakra

Que-Sera Stone

Que-Sera Stone is highly effective for seeking out what one truly desires, and provides an intense focus to aid in this quest. It maintains the “asking” will bring the “telling,” and while the answers may not be what one wants or expects, but it will be the truth in its magnificent form. it inspires taking risks and seizing opportune moments to provide options for changing the outcome. It teaches there are no mistakes, only learning experiences.

Chakra: Soul Star Zodiac: All