Crystals are formed from minerals, and they occur naturally in the earth’s surface.
How do Crystals work?
Crystals may work as if by magic, but there are a multitude of reasons as to how and why these enigmatic stones are thought to possess the ability to heal and to magnify energy.
Did you know that it is a proven fact that crystals vibrate?
They have the ability to generate an electrical potential in response to mechanical stress and temperature change. They have been utilized to provide movement for quartz watches, ignite the flame of some lighters, and they hold heat and electricity making them have the ability to focus energy and are used in a variety of lasers as well.
As a crystal healer, I believe that crystals have an innate energy that can benefit anyone and any space. I believe that they can improve your well-being, rid negative energy, and speed up positive change.
Crystals have been used throughout ancient history. This has been recorded in several ancient texts including the Bible, traditional Chinese medical texts, and Ancient Egyptian teachings. That being said, how we respond to a crystal is different, because we are all different. But, in my experience, understanding the process of healing is certainly helpful! So do your research and give them a try to see how you respond to each Crystal on a personal level.
In conclusion, if magic is defined as that which is beyond our comprehension at this point in our life, then crystals are certainly “magical”.
Reference (Permutt, Philip)