?Key Traits of the Third Eye Chakra?
?️Wisdom — Your third eye chakra is your center of wisdom and knowledge. It allows you to open your mind to deeper understandings.
?️Intuition — This chakra is instrumental in perceiving the subtle qualities of reality. It allows you to open up to intuitive sensibility and inner perception.
?️Self-Reflection — The third eye chakra is responsible for your ability to self-examine and self-reflect.
?️Vision — Your third eye chakra is the link between your mind and the physical world. It enables you to internalize the outer world and reflect within.
?️Logic & Creativity — Your third eye chakra gives you the ability to integrate your creativity and logical thinking
?️Signs of underactive third eye chakra:
?Lack of Concentration
?Fearful of the Unknown
?Lack of Intuition
?‍♀️Unable to Self-Reflect
?‍♀️Unable to See Past Illusions
?Disconnected From the Universe
?️Signs of overactive third eye chakra:
?Overly Analytical
?Mental Fog
?Mentally Overwhelmed
?Excessive Daydreaming
⛓Lack of Clarity in Thoughts
?How to Balance Your Third Eye Chakra?
?️Open up to wisdom?
?️Get outside?
?️Physical activity?‍♀️?️‍♀️
?️Yoga poses – downward facing dog?, child pose?, supported shoulder stand?, and hero pose?‍♀️.
?️Meditation focused on this chakra?‍♀️
?️Affirmations – ?I am in touch with my inner guidance
?I am wise, knowledgeable, and intuitive
?I trust my intuition
? I am open to inspiration and bliss
?I am a connected to the wisdom of the universe.
?Ylang Ylang — Supports feelings of connection to the world around you.
?Lavender — Promotes emotional stability and dispels feelings of conflict or confusion.
?Clary Sage — Brings feelings of clarity and emotional stability.
?Pine — Promotes self-confidence, instills positivity, and supports clarity for mediation.
?Frankincense Serrata — Calms and brings peace to the mind, allowing you to expand your thought.
?Crystal healing with any of the stones above, you can wear them, carry them, meditate with them, place them directly on the third. eye chakra, etc.?