Today’s yoga class is a restorative yoga sequence for all seven of the major chakras and teaches you how to incorporate crystal healing into your yoga practice. These poses move energy through the chakra system so you can feel relaxed, full of energy, clear-headed and uplifted.

Timestamps:  0:00 Intro 0:53 Crystals I’m using in this class + Chakra Kit Unboxing

5:30 Props you’ll need for this class

6:25 Class starts Thanks to Rootz & Branchez for sponsoring today’s Restorative Chakra Yoga Class!

You can check out their site here: Get your own Rootz & Branchez 7 Chakra Kit!… This Sleepy Santosha inspired 7 chakra kits comes with: 1- 7 pack of Buddha Teas, 1 of each of the chakras, infused with a correlating gemstone. 1- reiki charged cleansing candle 1- natural, plant based, always made from scratch. NO chemical dipping NITITAJ 7 Chakra Incense Sampler pack (14 sticks per box 2 of each chakra) 1- Green Tree Brand fragrance oil (the kind will vary based on availability, but the brand will not) 1- wooden chakra oil diffuser 7- tumble stones with description cards that correlate with each chakra 1- Rootz & Branchez hard covered chakra colored metallic journal 1- Rootz & Branchez metallic chakra colored pen with stylist (fits in elastic pen holder on the journal) Perfect for all of your chakra meditations and inspiration!



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