My name is Amanda Lux-Amara. I am a Golden Age Astrologer. I have spent many years in this life and some other lives studying the healing arts. The astrology I work with explores both the traditional western/tropical astrology and the sidereal astrology which accounts for the equinoxes and is what was actually present in the sky at our time of birth. Weaving both these energies and also observing how the planets are moving in our sky presently helps give us a great foundation for transformational work. I love providing you with these codes and tangible tools to help you along on your journey.

I am a homeschooling mama to four beautiful girls, and they are a huge part of why I am a healer in this lifetime. I am one of their guides but they came here to teach me so much too! And using our birth charts can be a really beautiful way to look at our pasts, what we came here to do/be and also what we came here to dismantle within ourselves and generationally. I also enjoy herbalism, writing poetry and assisting mothers nourish themselves physically and spiritually by living in tune with the seasons both inner and outer.